• a month could empower people with diabetes to live better and more confident lives, free from discrimination

  • a month could transform the quality of care people get to manage their diabetes well

  • a month could increase access to new treatments that cure or prevent diabetes

  • a month could revolutionise our research into all types of diabetes



  • could help more people receive crucial information and advice on their diabetes

  • could train new professional helpline advisors to help answer every call

  • could provide critical funding for all our specialist diabetes support services keeping them open for everyone who needs us

  • could kick start investment into high-quality research projects shaping the future of diabetes care

Someone is diagnosed with diabetes every 2 minutes.

In fact, the number of people diagnosed with diabetes has more than doubled in the last 20 years.

Diabetes causes complications like heart failure, amputations, strokes and more than 500 people living with diabetes die prematurely every week.

Your support means we’re able to help the 4.7 million living with diabetes in the UK to live healthy and happy lives.

A donation from you today could help create a world where diabetes can do no harm.

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